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City of Five Groubosh Police Department
Kartenz Round FGPD Five Groubosh Police Department Color

Common name

Five Groubosh Police Department


Motto Bravery & Integrity

Agency Executives  

Lee Simone

Chief of Police

The Five Groubosh Police Department (FGPD), officially the City of Five Groubosh Police Department, is the law enforcement agency for the city of Five Groubosh. With 9,743 officers and 1,773 civilian staff. The department serves an area of 397 square miles (1,290 km2) and a population of 3,040,704 people.

The FGPD has been fictionalized in Kartenz movies and throughout its history. The department has also been associated with a number of controversies, mainly concerned with racism, police brutality, and police corruption.

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