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Kartenz Round Jonathan Kersky Poster


1 October 1983


   Real name Jonathan Kersky
   Other names The Jumper • Joke
   Occupation(s) Stuntman, musician
   Instruments Guitar, piano
   Affiliations Mr.B


   Associated acts CHUCKILL

Jonathan Kersky or simply Joke (born Moantanisca , October 1, 1983 ) He is best known as the lead vocalist of rock band CHUCKILL.


Jonathan started his career at the age of thirteen. He is the holder of many world records for jumping over cars and buses. He has worked as a stuntman in many Contemporary circus. One of his most famous motorcycle stunts was in Kartenz Park, he jumped a 120 feet (37 m) railway cutting at 90 miles per hour (140 km/h).

He wish to jump over the Great Wall of Chani on a motorcycle. Despite performing over 7,000 jumps in his career, he did not have a motorcycle licence until now.


Stunt work

Jonathan Kersky Joke Live Kartenz Park

Stuntman Show Jonathan Kersky at Kartenz Park.

In comparison to some of his previous stunts, the jump Jonathan made that day was relatively minor, comprising a jump of approximately 50 ft (15 m) across a drag strip. The relatively short landing area beyond the drag strip consisted of an uphill incline leading to the edge of a steep embankment. Jonathan was involved in a serious motorcycle accident while performing at the Bash Dogbull, held at Fieldair Tonmars near Nova Fordstrat.


Although Jonathan completed the jump and landed the bike upright on two wheels, his chin struck the petrol tank of his motorcycle and he was knocked unconscious. As a result, Jonathan was unable to prevent himself and his bike from continuing up and over the 20 ft 0 in (6.10 m) embankment edge. Jonathan sustained serious head and pelvic injuries in the resulting fall. After the accident, doctors told that it was possible he could be in a coma for up to 10 years. However, he regained consciousness within three months of the accident.


Kartenz ROUND Movie Teaser Poster

Jonathan Kersky character will be play as Stuntman Show in upcoming Kartenz feature film,  ROUND. It was produced by Kartenz Animation Studios.


Set in The City where Jonathan Kersky as a Stuntman at Theme park, had a motorcycle accident. After several times changed jobs, finally he got a job which makes saving someone's life and at the same time bring him into trouble with The Secret group.


  • This will be Kartenz film adaptation to be based on a book.
  • ROUND was pushed back to 2018 in 2015 and was originally set to be entitled The Round.
  • This will also be Kartenz's first animation film to be produced by Kartenz Studios.
  • ROUND will be the first Kartenz film to be directed by Akbar de Wighar.


External Links


1. "Meet the newest Kartenz animation film based on book, ROUND" December 2015.

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