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Welcome to the KARTENZ Wikia.

KARTENZ official logo
   Industry Entertainment
   Founded 2012
   Founder Akbar de Wighar
   Products Character Animation &


   Area served Worldwide
   Key people

Akbar de Wighar

(Co-founder and CEO)



A collaborative encyclopedia about the creative work of Kartenz Animation Studios. KARTENZ brings family entertainment and media enterprise with three business segments: Media Networks, Theme Parks and Studio Entertainment.

We believe the future come from  a dream, no matter who or where, can make it happen.

 Akbar de Wighar


Kartenz Chuckill on stage BW

CHUCKILL on Stage.(Concept art by Kartenz Studios)

Kartenz Studios is an animation studio which produced computer animated feature films, short films, and television specials, based in Jakarta. Founded on March 3, 2012.The studio created a three fictional character named Mr.B , Joke and Shinta that producing for virtual band feature films with stage name, CHUCKILL .

From The Beginning

Kartenz Studios History BW

Jakarta – November 17, 2012 . First-team development animation at Kartenz Studios.

Originally was founded by Akbar de Wighar and his brother, they set up a studio at the beginning from his mother's kitchen, the studio was production for advertising company until expanding to production own animated character. Now, Kartenz Studios became a subsidiary of film division from KARTENZ  Company. 

KARTENZ's Journey

Although it was not easy to achieve what KARTENZ has done so far, Akbar de Wighar found that doing business with worldwide market was not easy, especially for business integrity and the ability to read market trends played a crucial role. 




ROUND is an upcoming Kartenz feature film. It was produced by Kartenz Animation Studios.

Set in The City where Jonathan Kersky as a Stuntman at Theme park, had a motorcycle accident. After several times changed jobs, finally he got a job which makes saving someone's life and at the same time bring him into trouble with The Secret group.


KARTENZ wishes to offer creative concept for future Theme parks, resorts, movies, tv programs, characters, games, videos, music, shopping, and more. The company is planning to launch Kartenz Park, a new Themepark with KARTENZ's Animation Character for whole design, this project designed by Kartenz Studios directed by Akbar de Wighar, despite the fact that its advertising campaign is yet to launch. This is just a testament to the company’s reputation for delivering future life.

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