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File:1625750 485067631621004 3112280531350378798 n.pngFile:1800257 10202202630536599 4254308876974229109 n.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar-founder-kartenz.jpg
File:Akbar de Wighar & Chika Riznia Background Christmas Tree.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar & Chika Riznia Christmas tree.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar & Chika Riznia Co-founder MAJOR REBEL.jpg
File:Akbar de Wighar & Chika Riznia Lolipop.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar & Chika Riznia Wedding at Talaga Sampireun's Lake Jakarta 15 June 2015 20 40 PM.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar & Chika Riznia ウェディング 15.6.15
File:Akbar de Wighar Biography.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar Founder KARTENZ Portrait Wiki.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar Founder Kartenz Animation Studios in 2017.png
File:Akbar de Wighar Founder Kartenz Animation Studios in 2017 Persistent.pngFile:Akbar de Wighar Founder Kartenz Web.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar Inside Kartenz Poster.jpg
File:Akbar de Wighar KARTENZ PARK 3.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar Kartenz Portrait.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar Pangkalan Data Pendidikan Tinggi.jpg
File:Akbar de Wighar also known as Berydw-founder-Kartenz-closeup-for-Major-Rebel-2015.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar also known as Berydw About Dream.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar also known as Berydw Founder Kartenz Quote.jpg
File:Akbar de Wighar and Chika Riznia.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar and Chika Riznia Co-founder MAJOR REBEL.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar and Chika Riznia Portrait.jpg
File:Akbar de Wighar and Chika Riznia Wedding at Talaga Sampireun Jakarta Bintaro 5 07PM.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar and Halilintar WP.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar and his pet rabbit.jpg
File:Akbar de Wighar founder Kartenz Page.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar old Office.jpgFile:Akbar de Wighar with the book.jpg
File:Albar de Wighar Kartenz Vision.jpgFile:Andre erdna.jpgFile:Andreas davidson suryanto.jpg
File:Bell and Jack Logo 2016.jpgFile:Berydw - Standing Here LIVE AudioFile:CHUCKILL - Standing Here feat. Berydw LIVE
File:CHUCKILL - Standing Here ft. Berydw LIVE AudioFile:CHUCKILL Sosmed Profile.pngFile:Chuckill on Stage.jpg
File:Cliff Porze Logo.pngFile:Concept Art - ROUND.pngFile:DIAF Disteam Idle Air Force Logo.png
File:Disteam Idle Air Force Emblem 9x9.pngFile:Dr Spaze.jpgFile:Dr Spaze logo Movie.jpg
File:F05c555e3b7150a09c8f51e4d22446e7.jpegFile:Five Groubosh Logo.pngFile:Founder Kartenz, Akbar de Wighar & Chika Riznia Wedding at Lake Jakarta 15 June 2015 8 45 PM.jpg
File:Founder Kartenz Akbar de Wighar Black and White.jpgFile:Founder Kartenz Akbar de Wighar FUTURE.jpgFile:Founder Kartenz Akbar de Wighar REBEL.jpg
File:Gavin Gunarko.jpgFile:Hells Vandidos 9x9.jpgFile:Joke(Jonathan Kersky) CHUCKILL on Stage.jpg
File:Joke Concert Bryan Kusman.jpgFile:Jonathan Kersky Joke Live Kartenz Park.jpgFile:KARTENZ Icon .png
File:KARTENZ official logo.jpgFile:Kartenz Bell and Jack Logo .pngFile:Kartenz Chuckill Logo 2015.png
File:Kartenz Chuckill on Stage.pngFile:Kartenz Chuckill on stage 2015.pngFile:Kartenz Chuckill on stage BW.jpg
File:Kartenz Happy Rilly Logo.pngFile:Kartenz Johny Mechanic LOGO.jpgFile:Kartenz Johny Mechanic Logo Black.png
File:Kartenz Johny Mechanic Logo Color.jpgFile:Kartenz Johny Mechanic Movie Poster IMDb.jpgFile:Kartenz Johny Mechanic Poster.png
File:Kartenz Location Concept Art Moantanisca.jpgFile:Kartenz Location Concept Art Neo East Indies.jpgFile:Kartenz Location Concept Art Ronage Ganet Village.jpg
File:Kartenz Logo History.jpgFile:Kartenz Max Moned Portrait.pngFile:Kartenz Message from Founder Akbar de Wighar.jpg
File:Kartenz Moantanisca Logo.jpgFile:Kartenz Moantanisca Logo.pngFile:Kartenz Park Concept.jpg
File:Kartenz ROUND Movie Blue Poster.pngFile:Kartenz ROUND Movie Poster Lanscape Social Media FB.pngFile:Kartenz ROUND Movie Teaser Poster.jpg
File:Kartenz ROUND Movie Teaser Poster.pngFile:Kartenz ROUND OST "Standing Here" - CHUCKILL feat. Berydw (Audio Only)File:Kartenz Riri Risnia Rizki.jpg
File:Kartenz Round Chief Lee Simone.pngFile:Kartenz Round FGPD Five Groubosh Police Department Color.pngFile:Kartenz Round Jonathan Kersky Poster.png
File:Kartenz Round Luan Zamir Portrait.pngFile:Kartenz Round Mayor Will Campaign Portrait.pngFile:Kartenz Round Mr B Poster.png
File:Kartenz Round Shinta Hepburn Poster.pngFile:Kartenz Studios History BW.jpgFile:Kartenz Studios Logo Alfa.png
File:Kartenz Studios Working.jpgFile:Kartenz mariowongso.jpgFile:Kartenz test Dessy Sandjaya.jpg
File:Logo KARTENZ.pngFile:Logo KARTENZ .pngFile:Logo KARTENZ 2016.png
File:Logo KARTENZ 2016 BW.pngFile:Logo KARTENZ Black.pngFile:Logo KARTENZ Header.png
File:Logo KARTENZ Revisi BW-0.pngFile:Logo kartenz alfa.pngFile:Major Rebel June 2015 Berydw.jpg
File:Michelle CHUCKILL.jpgFile:Mr B Portrait.jpgFile:NEI Logo.png
File:NEW MAJOR REBEL BLACK.jpgFile:Natasia Elizabeth.jpgFile:Noviyanti.jpg
File:OAM Logo Blue.pngFile:OFFICIAL KARTENZ ROUND TEASER POSTER.jpgFile:Portrait of Akbar de Wighar founder Kartenz.jpg
File:Puppet Berydw co-founder Kartenz 666.pngFile:Rendyi .jpgFile:Rilly Randoplh from Kartenz Happy Rilly.jpg
File:Shanly alvionico .jpgFile:Shinta Chuckill Profile 4x4.jpgFile:Simpel Test Steven Primadito.jpg
File:Squad Jr Delivery Hungry After Work - Copy.pngFile:Test ilustrasi studio kartenz kelvin kurniawan.jpgFile:Test magang marisa lyana .jpg
File:The Beach City Moantanisca 1967.jpgFile:The Kartenz Infographic - Investment in Animation Feature Film.jpgFile:The Wighar family- Endang Sadewi, Akbar de Wighar, Enggar Suwargadi and Halilintar Wighar P.jpg
File:Vindy Hana Kartenz.jpgFile:Vinsensius Billy Jeremy.jpgFile:Wiki-background

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