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Neo East Indies

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   State Neo East Indies
  • Total
1,738 sq mi (13 km2)  
  • Land
1,738 sq mi (13 km2)  
  • Water
0.003 sq mi (0.004 km2)  
  • Total
  • Estimate
  • Density
700/sq mi (300/km2) 

Neo East Indies or also known as N.E.I, has made clear strides toward becoming a new modern city with their technological advancements, social progress, and modern architecture. The city has plenty of sleek modern buildings in its design district.


N.E.I is well known for the most developed city in Donesaini, its clear strides toward becoming a new modern city with their technological advancements, social progress, and modern architecture.

Attractions and cultural resources

Connecting to the internet is never a problem because Neo East Indies, the most developed city in Donesaini, has free Wi-Fi zones across the entire city. Culturally, N.E.I  has been years ahead of most countries when it comes to generous maternity and paternity leave, which it established into law in 2007. N.E.I also has eight universities and even more schools within its city limits, conveying the importance of education in this society. 



N.E.I has a bike action plan and recently launched a Bicycle sharing system.


N.E.I runs its own bus service, the East Indies Bus.

Suspension Railway

Since the mid-1980s, The N.E.I railway is a 0.3 km (0.19 mi) long suspended monorail operated by the East Indies of Transportation (E.I.Trans).

Airport and ports

The city owns and operates a East Indies Airport, which has been the site of several important aviation achievements. 

In Movie

N.E.I has also become a destination for people who are looking to live "under the radar". Columbus Mcdylan, have a nickname Cody. He likes Chinese food, and would order anything that seems interesting to their exploratory minds. Not have much of a social life outside hacking, and were notorious for lack of personal hygiene.


  • This will be Kartenz film adaptation to be based on a book.
  • ROUND was pushed back to 2018 in 2015 and was originally set to be entitled The Round.
  • This will also be Kartenz's first animation film to be produced by Kartenz Studios.
  • ROUND will be the first Kartenz film to be directed by Akbar de Wighar.

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