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Kartenz Round Shinta Hepburn Poster


15 June 1995


   Real name Shinta Hepburn
   Other names Pink Head
   Occupation(s) College Student, waitress, musician
   Instruments Drum
   Affiliations Joke


   Associated  acts                CHUCKILL

Shinta (Eriland, June 15, 1995best known as the drummer of the Moantanisca rock band CHUCKILL.

Character biography

Born as Shinta Hepburn in Eriland, she already accustomed to living independently, she was lived with her adoptive parents from childhood until she graduated from high school. As the drummer in the band CHUCKILL, Shinta also had other activities at Moantanisca University and still active as a student, majoring in psychology and worked part-time at Squad Jr restaurant.


The list of KARTENZ animated feature film.

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